As you probably noticed, we just recently returned from our Maui trip with the kids; hence my last post. I love enjoying as much food as possible, both when traveling and at home. It’s been one of the primary reasons I’ve loved the Isagenix system, as it gives me a level of balance I had never experienced before. However, I often get questioned about how to incorporate Isagenix into a vacation without feeling deprived, while also maintaining your weight and feeling your best.

So, I’d like to give you a few of my top tips with the Isagenix system, as well as share some of the best restaurants that we love to frequent when traveling to Maui that offer great healthy options.

My Tips for Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain

avoid vacation weight gain

Let’s Start with My Vacation Routine

Each day, I wake up and drink Ionix®, my adaptogenic tea to minimize stress, which is also packed with ALL the vitamins! I then incorporate our IsaLean® or IsaLean® PRO shake for breakfast, because this will give me the satiety that most other breakfast foods won’t. It doesn’t cause gut bomb, and it will allow me to go several hours before needing to eat again. After this, I often try to incorporate a light workout (usually from a routine I have at home) to keep my body regular.

For lunch, we often eat down by the pool or prepare a light meal in the condo. I also make sure to eat a couple of snacks throughout the day. This, again, prevents the sugar crashes, decreases my chances for reaching for the unhealthy, fried food (which I, too, still like to enjoy on occasion), and keeps me fueled to keep up with the kids while they play. These snacks include:

  • Whey Thins™ (a protein based chip),
  • an IsaLean™ Bar (which is also protein-packed),
  • a handful of nuts,
  • some fruit,
  • or any other 200-calorie snack that has all the macro-nutrients.

In the afternoon, I grab an e+shot yerba mate and caffeine based all-natural energy drink that gives me a little extra pep in my step, instead of buying a sugar laden coffee drink. Dinners are almost always eating out, so we can enjoy the island fare.

Then before bed, and here’s the kicker, I drink 2 ounces of Cleanse for Life®, an aloe vera based drink that helps prevent belly bloat, soothes the stomach, and leaves me feeling amazing in the morning. I use our sleep spray right before my head hits the pillow, sleep like a dream, and start my day without any guilt!

avoid vacation weight gain

My Favorite Maui Restaurants

Now, when it comes to dinner, I really don’t skimp. I will still eat #allthethings but I do want people to be aware that I am mindful of serving size. So, here are some of my favorite restaurants in Maui up in the Lahaina/Kaanapali area!

  • Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar is one of my all-time favorites. It has all the delicious sushi and fresh fish you can imagine, plus they have an early bird special which gives you 25% off most dinner items if you are seated before 6pm! It’s an absolute must for all your sushi and fresh fish lovers!
  • Hula Girl Sailing Charters is a catamaran style boat that does a sunset sail, and they offer some amazing food on board. This is an incredibly kid-friendly excursion, serving fresh sashimi, and other foods that won’t leave you feeling heavy or overloaded.
  • Hula Grill Kaanapali has two sections to their restaurant, and we prefer the “barefoot” outdoor sand experience. Our three-year-old sat in the sand next to the table and played, which extended our dinner enjoyment. I ordered the fish tacos, and they were light, with fresh-caught fish, and we were serenaded with live music and an ocean view. It’s another must location!
  • Kimo’s is a staple restaurant in downtown Lahaina which serves all fresh-caught fish with a variety of cooking methods. You will leave full, but not stuffed, and the view is hard to beat.

This list is by no means all-inclusive, and we are definitely not perfect on vacation, nor are we perfect at home. But I love sharing these things with you, so you, too, can simplify your vacation experience and not come home feeling guilty.

One last thing I wanted to mention: I still typically order one blended alcoholic drink by the pool each day, but I do my best to drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and not over consume sugary drinks. I also often choose champagne or wine at restaurants instead of heavier, mixed drinks.

So there you have it: how to avoid vacation weight gain, still enjoy great food and drinks, and leave feeling your best!

avoid vacation weight gain